Spear Dojo is one of the largest multi combat sport facilities in Perth, teaching progressive Martial Arts along with fitness, strength and conditioning.

Expect discipline and hardness when its needed. Train in Zen Do Kai, Muay Thai, MMA or all three, through our Martial Arts classes we aim to give you the knowledge and courage to be able to stand up for yourself or loved ones if the situation arises.

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Zen Do Kai 1 Kids Karate 1

Spear Dojo incorporates modern self defence principles with traditional values and is constantly evolving to give you the best techniques and self defence knowledge.

Muay Thai Muay Thai Junior

We have a team of award winning Instructors and coaches with an average student-teacher ratio of 10:1 so you can get the most out of each class.

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MMA MMA Junior

Our children’s classes extend well beyond kicks and punches, they are designed to help improve your child’s performance at home, in the classroom and in other sports while teaching them self defence, how to deal with bullies and giving them a greater confidence.

Zen Do Kai Junior Tricking 1

Looking for some thing different? We also have:

Boxing Circuit and Fitness Classes



Personal Training

Self Defence workshops

Sports Conditioning

Defensive Tactics

Close Quarter Combat

Knife Defence

Specialist Training Courses

Fight Club

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Our Chief – Kyoshi Wayne Spear

Spear Dojo Chief Instructor Kyoshi Wayne Spear ensures the quality of our classes are kept to the highest standards. With over 35 years experience in Martial Arts, Kyoshi Wayne is one of the highest ranking Martial Artists in Australia. He is committed to progressive learning, and is currently ranked prob. Seventh Degree Black Belt… more info..

Kyoshi Wayne Spear is a hero to many of those that know him. As a decorated Fire Fighter, member of the Urban Search and Rescue team and highly esteemed Martial Artist, this video was put together by his students to thank him for inspiring us to become the best version of ourselves we can be, and to celebrate his 35 years in Martial Arts.

Train hard, keep fit and continue to learn practical martial arts knowing that with a healthy body, mind and soul, you can achieve anything!

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