Absolutely not. Part of our service is to provide you with personalised training that caters to your individual needs. Whether it is self defence, flexibility, stress relief, weight loss, or confidence, our classes will help you to develop your mind and body to its highest potential.


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There is no comparison of a quality martial arts program with other sports. The main difference between the two is that Martial Arts not an extracurricular activity. Spear Dojo is an educational facility that promotes values, character building and life skills.

When you come to train at Spear Dojo, our highly trained staff will assess the personal goals you or your child would like to achieve and do our best to help you achieve them. This is not an overnight process.

Our training does not stop at the Dojo door, we have a variety of ways that we follow up on our students behavior at home and at school. When you learn to view our martial arts program as educational training, you will have the highest success with our services.

First time visitors can try out our facilities for 14 days with an intro pass!

Not at all. Our students do not become more aggressive, in fact our programs can help children become less aggressive. All of our students are taught that their training is only to be used in an emergency.

As student’s confidence builds during each class, they also learn how to psychologically and positively deal with confrontation, the longer they train the less likely they will be to bully anyone or start a fight. We encourage all parents to have an open line of communication to our staff and to utilize our highly trained Instructors as a resource to deal with any behavioural issues.

First time visitors can try out our facilities for 14 days with an intro pass

With our Martial arts memberships we make it very easy for you to cross train in any or all of our programs. Whether you want to be a Muay Thai student and also train towards your Black Belt in our Zen Do Kai program, incorporate Boxing, Strength and Conditioning or one of our other classes, you can train your way and add as much to your training schedule as you like!

All of our classes complement each other, you can determine the amount of training that suits you.


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It’s never too late to start your dream and transform your life, increase your physical fitness, increase your energy level, increase your flexibility and your overall health and well being, not only physically but mentally as well. Take the first step forward by joining the Spear Dojo family, you won’t regret it.


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At Spear Dojo belt rank is not given out freely, we take the advancement of our students very seriously. Our curriculum provides an excellent and modern approach to teaching the martial arts to enable us to produce the highest quality of students.

Ranking and advancement is done on an individual basis and varies by the student, on average a Black Belt can be attained in 5 to 8 years but this varies per student.

Yes, Spear Dojo offers a family discount so that you can easily afford multiple adults, children or your entire family to train at our facilities. 2nd family members receive a discount of 10% off. 3rd family members receive 15% off and your 4th family member or more offers you a 20% off discount!

We start our training at age 3 with Little Ninjas and offer martial arts programs for children, teens and adults as well as fitness programs. It’s easy to find a program for every member of the family at a variety of ages. The more members that join, the more you save! Remember, the family that kicks together, sticks together!


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Not all schools are equal. Learning any Martial Art is a commitment, the very best way for you to determine the value of a school is to visit.  Spear Dojo offers one of the best training facilities in Perth, we have a team of elite Instructors to ensure all of our students receive the very best possible training, we are confident that we offer fantastic value.

We offer a 2 week intro to new students, this way you have the ability to try our facilities, meet the team and experience real classes for yourself without any obligation. Feel free to ask us questions, speak to other parents and students, experience what its like to be part of Spear Dojo.


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