Customer Reviews

Highly recommend Spears been training here for 18months now it’s a fun, positive, yet challenging training centre, no work out is the same, your pushed to your max and beyond and encourage/supported all the way by both your training partners and trainers. I’m the fittest and strongest I’ve been both physically and mentally.
  by Carly
In the 2 years that Alex has attended Spear Dojo, the positive change in his behaviour has been noted by teachers, friends & family. We have attributed this to the excellent Instructors, who have instilled qualities like focus, respect, self discipline, and confidence. Also a super outlet for excess energy!
  by Greg
Today at school, John was bullied by another student. John told him to ‘back off’ but he continued to bully and grabbed him in a strong bear-hug. Using what he has learnt at your Dojo, John looked down at the bully’s feet, stomped on one of them, elbowed the bully in the gut, and then ran away. The bully said sorry and that he will never pick on John again. They both kept the incident from the teachers. Thank you.
  by Jaqi & James
Spear Dojo help the parents, the children and the community by teaching children to be better people, to make the right decisions, to help others and to be more aware of their environment. Spear Dojos’ philosophy and teachings of the martial arts is an asset to all.
  by Dave & Mary
Spear Dojo has a wonderful program for kids of all ages. Senseis teach them to be honorable, respectful, disciplined and successful, while also teaching them safety, Stranger Danger, bully awareness and self-defence.
  by Craig & Lisa
So thanks for looking after our children’s well-being and for the fabulous life experience each class brings. We are hoping everyone receives the thanks mentioned and that many more parents find the benefit of your energetic teachings at Spear Dojo Wangara.
  by Janell & Daniel

Our Wangara Centre

Our Dojo is located in Wangara, about 10 mins drive from Joondalup and Wanneroo. We cater to all levels of fitness – from beginners to pros – and the facility has all the equipment you need to get the most out of your class:

  • Over 300m² of training floors
  • Three training rooms
  • Full-size boxing ring
  • Weights
  • X-training area
  • Safety flooring

Our methods not only teach you self-defence, but help with self-discipline while boosting confidence.

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