Mixed Martial Arts

The ultimate self-defence system! Mixed Martial Arts was originally based around the concept of pitting different martial arts and fighting styles against each other in competition with minimal rules, in an attempt to determine which system would be more effective in a real combat situation. This was in an effort to answer the age-old question that had plagued martial artists for generations: which style is ‘the best’.

Now, MMA refers to the cross training of various arts, like a triathlon of self-defence. As such, modern MMA competition ( UFC ) is an evolution of such events, but rules have been implemented to promote acceptance of the sport, while at the same time maintaining as much of the original no-holds-barred concept as possible. If you love the UFC you will love Mixed Martial Arts!

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Utilising a wide variety of martial arts techniques

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) competition – requires the possession of a number of attributes, all of which, when developed to perfection are combined to create the ultimate fighter and represent the pinnacle of athletic performance and achievement.
Speed, anaerobic capacity, agility, strength, power and flexibility are all factors which play a role in MMA success and they need to be targeted with precise training methods for the fighter to realize their potential and dominate on competition day.
With MMA competition being what it is – the ultimate combat sport utilizing a wide variety of martial arts techniques and styles including:

  • Wrestling
  • Karate
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Kickboxing
  • MMA
  • Boxing
  • Strength & Conditioning

In this fast-paced, popular and highly energized sport, our training strategy encompasses mental preparation, sound diet, technical refinement with specialized strength and superior fitness.

Wayne has trained with world champ Randy Coutour, BJJ greats Renzo and Relson Gracie , and regularly trains at the Bangkok Fight Club to bring you the best and most devastating techniques .

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