Personal Training

Looking for quicker results?
Want to fine tune your skills?
Busy schedule?
Intimidated by classes?
Lack motivation?

Spear Dojo has the answer – Personal Training!

Personal training offers you all the benefits of regular classes, but provides the additional benefit of privacy, a program tailored to your individual needs, and the convenience of training times to suit your schedule.

Personal training is a fantastic method to gain or increase fitness, to improve technique and skills, to challenge yourself and to achieve rapid results. It’s also a perfect introduction to any of Spear Dojos’ regular classes.

Personal training sessions can be organised for one person, two people or a small group, and gift certificates are available to purchase.

Sarah Lowenhoff, mother of two has this to say about her personal training sessions with Sandy Spear:

“Sandy motivates me and pushes me beyond what I ever thought I was physically capable of. I am stronger than I have ever been and my body is taking on an awesome shape – something I thought I would never see happen after having two children after the age of 30. Sandy knows my body type and knows what I need to do to get the results I want. She is an awesome personal trainer and I am motivated to exercise and look after myself now more than ever before. I really do value and look forward to my training session each week.”

You’re only a phone call away to a better you!

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