Spear Dojo offers instruction in a range of martial arts and associated fields.

Course Descriptions:

Sport Conditioning

Also known as Sport Performance Training, Functional Strength Training involves various methods of strength and conditioning which maximize an athlete’s performance. Traditional weight lifting, “Old School” exercises such as bodyweight exercises, Olympic and Strongman lifting, Outer, Inner, and Neuro-Muscular training methods, balance and off-centre exercises, reflex re-conditioning drills, are all included in good functional training.

Functional training goes way beyond the one-dimensional exercises familiar to most poeple. True athletic performance requires multiple planes of movement, while simultaneously engaging compound muscle groups. These multi-planar, compound movements are at the core of solid functional training.

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Our Functional Strength and Performance Training is integrated into every class and practice session. This is an integral component in building a well-rounded combat athlete that is often overlooked by most schools and trainers.

Defensive Tactics

Learn how to safely and effectively manage an aggressive person with empty hand techniques. This program is designed to provide you with effective options when confronted with a dangerous situation. The techniques taught are highly recommended and used by law enforcement agencies worldwide as they provide the greatest safety for the officer and stop the offender quickly, easily and cause minimal injury.

This program is conducted through practical training, scenarios, role plays and group discussions. Proven methods from PPCT are incorporated.

For further information or to book your place in the next course, simply email or call us on (08) 9409 4172

Close Quarter Combat

CQC is Stand-Up Fighting, Grappling and Ground-Fighting, and Weapons Training. Techniques such as punching, kicking, blocking, throwing, pressure points, joint locks, submission tactics, weapon disarming, etc. are all studied. With its wide variety of techniques and tactics, it is a combat art form that can easily be customized to suit any person of any size and strength. Thus, the student receives a totally adaptable education that prepares him/her for real-life combat in the best possible way. The training is based on devastating techniques from Zen Do Kai [Aust ], Kapap [ Israeli ] and Systema [ Russian ] fighting systems. Be warned this training is hard and prepares you for real combat in a hostile situation.

For further information or to book your place in the next course, simply email or call us on (08) 9409 4172

Knife Defence

The Stick and Knife Fighting Arts that we teach are weapons-based arts from the Philippines, and military systems. This training teaches the student how to effectively deal with attacks from impact and edged weapons, as well as single or multiple attackers. This system will teach the student how to defend and attack against a variety of weapons, both impact-based and edged. Regardless of whether or not you carry a weapon, you should understand the physical and psychological aspects of weapons combat. This is one of the best classes you can ever take for practical self-defence training.

Personal Training is available for all disciplines.

College Facilities

Spear Dojo is housed in a fitness and tuition centre well suited to martial arts, combat and fitness training.

We have a fully equipped studio catering for all our course needs including;

  • Punch Bags
  • Focus Mitts
  • Kicking Pads
  • Sparring equipment
  • Weight training
  • Weapons

The following sports are taught beginner to advanced level:

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